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Private tours and excursions

We customize our tours to meet your needs. Just let us know how long and what you want to see. We organize individual or group private tours and excursions. Some of the private tours and excursions are listed bellow:


This is a tour which will show you the finest sites of the Old Walled City as well as give you an opportunity to view it from above at the spectacular panoramic spot including city walls, ancient rooftops and picturesque surroundings. The walking part of the tour includes visit to the Franciscan Monastery with its 14th century Pharmacy, Rectors palace that once used to be the seat of the government in the Dubrovnik Republic. An expert guide will lead you through the city streets of the Old Town introducing you to the rich and interesting history and culture of this city. Magnificent edifies such as Onofrio's Fountain, St. Blaise's Church, Sponza Palace will be seen along the way. This ancient town surrounded by ramparts and fortresses is a treasure trove of architectural and cultural masterpieces, scrupulously preserved over the centuries. This tour will reveal why Dubrovnik is often referred to as the "pearl of adriatic"... See a walk through the historical parts of Dubrovnik


This tour will take you to some small villages around Dubrovnik to enjoy typical village atmosphere. One of that small villages is Cilipi, small village located in the green Konavle valley. Traditional folklore dances are presented every Sunday at the square in front of the church. The dances will display the richness in culture, traditions and beautiful national costumes


On this excursion you will have the unique opportunity to experience and taste the tradition and quality of Croatian Wine growing, part of the local culture for many centuries. This full day tour offers sampling the locally-produced food and high quality wine of the Peljesac peninsula, stopping at local wine cellars to taste the renowned wines Posip and Mali Plavac.

The Peljesac peninsula has been known for its excellent wines since ancient times. You will have an opportunity to taste some of the best wines of the region as well as learn about its production. you will visit some of the best known wine cellars in the region. you will certainly enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Adriatic cost as well as on the Peljesac peninsula


Drive along the Adriatic coast, through scenic landscapes where the first stop will be in the small village of Trsteno with its arboretum and Renaissance botanical garden full of exotic flora and fauna. After a leisurely stroll through these botanical gardens, you will depart for Mali Ston, where you can visit its renowned five-kilometer long fortified walls. The area is also known for its plentiful oyster and musses farms. You will have the opportunity to taste sea food straight from these farms, situated directly on the sea.

The Arboretum at Trsteno will delight you with its exotic vegetation and plants, such as giant plane trees, palms and camphor trees. After a leisurely stroll through the botanical garden, we depart for Ston, which was among the first towns in Europe to be build according to a definite urban plan. Hundreds of visitors are attracted by the 5 kilometers long stone walls protecting Ston. Other attractions include the old salt-work where salt is still produced, and the famous oyster and mussel farm.

Click here to find out more about Ston


ancient Arion, with its unique landscape, offers visitors a special and unforgettable experience. It involves not only the lush vegetation and the resulting ideal climatic conditions, but also the rich cultural heritage with its numerous monuments. Here, the summer manors stand out especially, more or less preserved cultural monuments that were built by the Dubrovnic aristocracy from the 15th to the end of the 18th century. While history offers a rich cultural heritage - an array of jewels built by Renaissance architests, the present can offer almost anything that demanding guest can desire. Rijeka Dubrovacka is made up of a number of settlments, and it is 7 kilimeters away from Dubrovnik


Zaton is charming and picturesque, a 2 km long bay, a destination for anyone wanting a swim on a pebbly beach or rocky crags, or those seeking sunshine or shade under old pine trees, walks along the shore, or small, cozy restaurants by the sea where one can savor Dubrovnik and Dalmatian specialties. There are three settlements scattered along the irregular shoreline of the bay: Veliki Zaton, Mali Zaton and Stikovica. A natural sight is the freshwater source Vrelo, located at the bottom of the bay, whose waters once moved mills.

The intriguing renaissance summer manors of former Dubrovnik aristocratic families are a historical sight that make Zaton recognizable as a Dubrovnik summer manor region. Zaton is located 10 kilometers away from the city of Dubrovnik


This excursion is designed exclusively for those who enjoy nature and also love history. The combination of the mountainous coast and the unforgettable Neretva river delta is sure to leave guests with a memorable experience. One of the most important ancient Roman sites, Narona - today the town of Vid - dates from the first and second century. There you will find temples and a forum, once coverned by mud from the river. Visited for centuries, this is must-see destination.

The Neretva River Delta is rich in flora and fauna, and also shelters numerous bird species. You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy nature in old local boats called trupice, normally used for fishing and transportation.

The Neretva River Delta is an area of vast marshland abundant in flora and fauna sheltering hundreds of species of bird life. This area is known to world travelers as "Croatian California". Cruise in small boats - "trupice" - through the canals to enjoy the beauty and variety of the delta. Visit the Ornithological Collection in the town of Metkovic, preserving 229 exhibits of bird species


The most popular excursion. Through picturesque countryside you will be taken to one of the nicest Croatian islands, considered to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. A long and turbulent history has left its traces and the tour takes in major cultural and historical sights

Click here to find out more about Island of Korcula


Elafiti Islands are group od islands situated some 7 to 15 kilometers west of Dubrovnik. By their Size, we might say they have created a natural lineup - the biggest being Sipan (situated furthest to the west), followed by medium-sized Lopud and ending with Kolocep, the smallest of the three and Situated furthest to the east.


Konavle is Croatia's southernmost region, shaped by the hills bordering with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north/north-east, and by the steep cliffs, coves and capes extending from Prevlaka and Molunat in the far south to Cavtat, its center. The area is renowned for its characteristic and original stone architecture and, above all, for its rich cultural tradition in handicrafts. The prosperity of this fertile farming area, a bountiful oasis of progress, was highly enhanced by its centuries long association with the Dubrovnic Republic.


Somewhere between heaven and earth, light and darkness, good and evil, lies Prevlaka – Cape Ostro, the most southern part of Konavle and Croatia.

To reach Prevlaka one takes the Adriatic Highway. From Gruda the road leads towards Molunat, taking the Durinici turning, onwards through Vitaljina and finally reaching Prevlaka.

The nature in the Prevlaka and Vitaljina region is stunning with macchia, holly oak, olive groves, oak trees, orchards and coves.
“Where there are carob trees, there can be no cancer”, said an old man from Vitaljina.

The coastline from Molunat to Prevlaka is rocky, but the sea is abundant with fish; it is clean and transparent so that grains of sand are visible at a depth of even several metres. Molunat and Prevlaka boast attractive places suitable for bathers.

More about Park Prevlaka at:


Join our tour to experience the spirit of Medjugorje. Discover and experience the phenomenon that has made Medugorje one of the most famous places of pilgrimage throughout the Catholic world, attracting millions of visitors.

Since 1981, the Virgin Mary has been relaying Her message of peace to the seers, and this place has been attracting millions of visitors from all over the world. After Mass, those who wish may visit the Apparition Hill where the Virgin Mary first appeared to the children.

Medjugorje is a unique experience in the modern world. In the last fifteen years, it has attracted approximately 20 million pilgrims from all over the world

Click here to find out more about Medjugorje and transportation to Medjugorje from Dubrovnik


After a drive along the Adriatic coast, the road will lead us towards the hinterland along the rich Neretva valley in the direction of the small town of Pocitelj in Herzegovina. There, you will discover an exquisite blend of Mediterranean and Oriental architecture. Mostar will be our next stop. Despite great damages suffered in the last war, the city on the emerald green river of Neretva has preserved a great part of its authentic oriental architecture and the way of life conceived on the boundaries of civilisations. A visit of the ancient part of town dating from the 16th/17th century will include a visit to a typical house dating from this period.

A rich history has left numerous historic and cultural traces in these parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, none more so than the town of Mostar. The vivid city has many cultural and religious features, including some of the most immpresive relics left by the Turkish, Ottoman, Empire during their rule in Europe.

Mostar, with its narrow cobbled streets, mixture of East and West, where you will discover the most popular city highlights, such as Bazaar, the Mosque, and typical Turkish house and of course the famous Old Bridge.

Some Mostar pictures... click here


Hardly one hour from Dubrovnik, the Montenegro Littoral provides incomparable natural beauties and an abundance of historical sites. Our drive takes us to the mouth of the Bay of Kotor and along the curving roadway through the towns of Risan and Perast to Kotor. Here we will stop to capture forever on film one of the most beautiful parts of the bay, and learn some of the compelling history of this area. Our descent from the heights will take us to Cetinje, the one-time seat of Montenegrian rulers, today a city-museum. After sightseeing in Cetinje we return to the coast with a short stop above Sveti Stefan and Budva.

Click here to find out more about private tours to Montenegro


The area of plitvice lakes, declared a National Park in 1949, is a valley situated between high forested mountains in which lies, one bellow another, a string of sixteen beautiful lakes and tarns of crystal blue-green color. They are fed by many small streams and brooks and spill into each other in foaming cascades and thundering waterfalls. Due to their unique evolution and beauty, in 1979 the Plitvice Lakes were entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Plitvice Lakes delight by their scenery. In the waterless karst with its sparse vegetation you come suddenly upon a treasure of water in which are reflected densely forested hills. Here is a diversity and an inexhaustible abundance of details, on every visit new things are discovered. The exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich plant and animal life, contrasting colors, forests and the pure mountain air, comfortable hotels and rustic restaurants attract many nature lovers from all over the world...

Plitvice lakes web site:


Drive to Šibenik to visit one of Dalmatia's most valuable monument, the 15th century cathedral. Continue through the highland to the famous Krka Waterfalls, one of the seven national parks in Croatia. The falls cascade over 17 natural barriers.

Krka National Park web site:


Visit some of the famous restaurants in Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik's area. To find out more click here.


Fully customized tour of whole Croatia


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